T Names in Chappell's Mortuary Records
Court Docket of C. C. Bodley and Schools

Chappell's Mortuary Records, Court Docket of C. C. Bodley and Schools. This book was compiled by Mrs. H. G. Misselhorn, Kendallville, Indiana, probably in the mid 1930’s. A copy of the book is found in the Kendallville Public Library, Kendallville, Indiana and the Noble County Public Library, Indiana Room, Albion, Indiana.

The book contains:

  1. Mortuary records from Chappell's Funeral Home, 1918-1922, Kendallville, Indiana (pp. 1-83)
  2. Court Docket of C. C. Bodley, 1845-1855, Salem Center, Steuben County, Indiana (pp. 84-303)
  3. History of Holsinger School, LaGrange County, Indiana, a personal account of days at the school by Lucetta McCormick Redmond (pp. 304-310)
  4. Lisbon School, Noble County, Indiana, a personal account by Frank L. Crone (pp. 311-315)
  5. York Township Schools in Noble County, Indiana, legal papers and instruments, listing some trustees, students, and history by Mrs. Maude Wright Magill (pp. 316-330)

All-name index of people: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, V, W, Y, Z

To obtain a copy of the page(s), please send $3.00 + 10¢ per page and a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:
Noble County Genealogical Society
Attn: Judy Richter
P.O. Box 162
Albion, IN  46701
Any questions/comments, please email:  judyri@ligtel.com 

Name Page Number(s)
Tain, Frank 81
Tain, Jacob J 81
Tain, Mary C 81
Talmage, Catherin A Newell 12
Talmage, Earl 12
Tate, James 26
Tate, Luthena M Gallup 26
Taylor, Arilinda Miller 70
Taylor, Charlotte 61
Taylor, Florence E 70
Taylor, George 305
Taylor, Howard 39
Taylor, James B 70
Taylor, John 5,39
Taylor, Mrs 7
Taylor, Rea May 5
Taylor, Stella Bollier 39,40
Taylor, Stella Braloliar 5
Teal, Asia 284,286
Teal, E M 290
Teal, Edw 270
Teal, Edward 97,98,120,121,144,161,240,244,255
Teal, Edward M 241
Teal, Eli M 100,101,113,114,132,144,153,162,174,176,215,241
Teal, Frank 320,321
Teal, James B 287
Teel, Edward 287
Teel, James 284,286
Thomas, Const 244
Thomas, J H 232,243
Thomas, Jacob 243
Thomas, Jacob H 243,251,293,294
Thomas, James 317
Thompson 107
Thompson, Alexander 83
Thompson, Byanca 67
Thompson, Florence 83
Thompson, J W 27
Thompson, James 83
Thompson, John 101,102,103,104,105,106,117,118,119,120,121,203,240
Thompson, Maggie Patterson 83
Thomson, James 175,181
Thorp, C 21
Thresher, Noteley 223
Thresher, Notley 223
Throckmorton, Harry S 58
Tochterman, Carrie 24
Todd, Sarah 20
Totterman, Carrie 72
Town, A 196,203
Town, Adolphus 195,202,221,222
Trostel, George W 66
Tryon, Ansil 60
Tryon, Isaac 60
Tullis, Bertha Hall 2
Tullis, George William 2
Tullis, William George 2
Twichel, Benjamin 186
Tytler, Elizabeth 66

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