N Names in Chappell's Mortuary Records
Court Docket of C. C. Bodley and Schools

Chappell's Mortuary Records, Court Docket of C. C. Bodley and Schools. This book was compiled by Mrs. H. G. Misselhorn, Kendallville, Indiana, probably in the mid 1930’s. A copy of the book is found in the Kendallville Public Library, Kendallville, Indiana and the Noble County Public Library, Indiana Room, Albion, Indiana.

The book contains:

  1. Mortuary records from Chappell's Funeral Home, 1918-1922, Kendallville, Indiana (pp. 1-83)
  2. Court Docket of C. C. Bodley, 1845-1855, Salem Center, Steuben County, Indiana (pp. 84-303)
  3. History of Holsinger School, LaGrange County, Indiana, a personal account of days at the school by Lucetta McCormick Redmond (pp. 304-310)
  4. Lisbon School, Noble County, Indiana, a personal account by Frank L. Crone (pp. 311-315)
  5. York Township Schools in Noble County, Indiana, legal papers and instruments, listing some trustees, students, and history by Mrs. Maude Wright Magill (pp. 316-330)

All-name index of people: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, V, W, Y, Z

To obtain a copy of the page(s), please send $3.00 + 10¢ per page and a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:
Noble County Genealogical Society
Attn: Judy Richter
P.O. Box 162
Albion, IN  46701
Any questions/comments, please email:  judyri@ligtel.com 

Name Page Number(s)
Nanery, G W 224
Necker, Catherine 62
Neer, Mabel 312
Neer, Mr 312
Nelson, Ella M Barhan 74
Nelson, Joseph H 74
Nerlunt, Many 57
Nerlunt, Mary 57
Nessel, Emma 59
Neubaur, Ignats 178
Newell, Catherin A 12
Newell, Frances Curley 12
Newell, J C 12
Newman, H D Mrs 17
Newnam, Ora P 32
Newnam, William S 193
Newton, Henry 89
Newubaur, Ignats 177
Nichols 304
Nichols G 176
Nichols, Charles 305
Nichols, John 176,177
Nichols, Martha 305
Nichols, Mary Ann 305
Nichols, Philo 203
Nickols, Drusus 137,138
Niles, Malissa 321
Niles, Willard 321
Nolan Richard 2
Nolan, Anna M 2
Nolan, Margaret McGee 2
Noll, George 284
Noll, Samuel 93
Norman, Cintha 40
Northam, George H 80
Nunam, William G 192
Nunlist, Aloyisus 62
Nunlist, Catherine Necker 62
Nunlist, John 62

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