Noble Twp. Appraisement, 1851

Register of Land and Lots in Noble Township, Noble County, Ind. and the Valuation Made by the Appraiser for the year 1851

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Noble County Public Library Indiana Room
813 E. Main St., Albion, IN 46701

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State Of Indiana
Noble County ss

I John Bowman assistant appraiser of Noble County in the state of Indiana do solemnly swear that the return to whitch this is attached contains a correct pesonifation of each parcel of real property Noble Township within said county as for as I have been able to ascertain the same and that the value attached to each parsel in said return is as I verily believe the full and true cash value their of estimated agreeable to the rules proscribed in this act by Law that in no case have I knowing omitted to demand a statement of the description (or call at the residence of the owner) of all the real estate whitch he is required to list as in any way connived at any violation or evasion of any of the requirements of the law in relative in relation to listing and valuing of real estate.

John Bowman, Assessor

Subscribed and Sworn to
this 3rd day of June 1851 before
me. J. Alvord, JP

Alexander, Cyrus
Adkins, Erastus
Allen, Otis D.
Adams, Bartholemew
Adams, John
Bronson, Elbert
Bandy, Jacob
Buller & Shultz
Berton, Luke
Brittan, R. L.
Butterbaugh, George
Butterbaugh, John
Butterbaugh, Samuel
Bootts, Thomas H.
Belamy, Ewing & Fisher
Browning, J. N. B. F.
Barbee, William
Butterfield, Thomas
Becher, Peter
Barney, George
Bristol, Joel (heirs of)
Cunningham, Charles
Carpenter, Joseph S.
Childs, George
Carter, James (heirs of)
Colin, Leonard
Cook, John R.
Christy, E.
Coleman, Julius
Cooper, Henry
Cotterman, John
Christian, Phillip
Correll, Samuel
Collins, G.W & S.H.
Davis, Francis R.
Deprees, William R.
Douglas, David
Dubois, William
Dickerson, John
Elliott, Jonathan W.
Evans, Jonah
Edgar, John H.
Ewing, W.G. & G.W
Engle, Andrew
Ellis, E.W. H.
Emes, Luman
Forker, John A.
Forsha, Alexander
Fisher, George
Flemming, Robert E.
Fosset, Joseph
Flick, Solomon
Gean, Alexander
Freeman, David
Gibbs, John
Hardy, Arba
Haney, John
Humphrey, Andrew
Heath, William
Howser, John A.
Harris. F.A. & L.G.
Herndon, James M.
Hood, Robert
Hubbell, M.W.
Hitchcock, H. H.
Htichcock & Clapp
James, Thomas
Janes, Elias
Jennings, Peter S.
Jamison, John
Kitt, Jacob
Kniss, Michael
Kline, William
Kester, Samuel
Kitt, George
Kinsey, Levi
Karigen, John
Kimbal, Martin
Lewis, Zebulan
Laphan, Czias
Leonard, Peter
Lorel, James L.
Mikeseel, John E.
Marker, Jacob
Marker, Ephraim
Mohn, Daniel
Mead, Ephraim
Mayfield, John
Mitchell, Thomas
Muncey, John
Macumber, Alva
Mc Kinney, Harry
Miller, P. C.
Nicodemus, Conrad
Noleman, William
Nichols, Humphrey
Nimmons, Adams
Nimmons, Wm. H.
Olinger, John
Overly, Marlin
Prickett, Nicholaus
Perkins, Thomas G.
Perry, William
Quin, James (heirs of)
Quin, David
Rollin, John
Rees, Alexander M.
Ritchardson, William
Rose, Abram L.
Ritchardson, Thomas
Ritter, Rachel
Ramer, John
Ritter, Sara
Rockey, David
Railing, John
Ryder, Jessee & Aaron
Ryder, William
Ream, Daniel
Rollin, John
Riley, Fitzpatrick
Robinson, John R.
Smith, Samuel L.
Skinner, Tamer
Scarlett, Abner
Seymore, Macintine
Scott, John
Smith, John
Scarlett, Barney
Starkey, Frederick E.
Scarlett, Neuman
Shannan, John
Skinner, Ephraim
Skinner, John
Smith, Abram R.
Smith, Mariah R.
Smith, Thomas
Smith, Hulda
Shields, George
Smith, Joel B. L.
Swain, Charles G.
Sinclair & Reese
Sutton & Mathews
Sutton, R. R.
Sipe, Nathan
Sanford, Elizabeth
Sherman, Elle
Scarlett, Ephraim
Stangland, Alexander
Smalley, David
Trask, Wyman
Tankison, John
Thrasher, Noltey
Thorp, William
Utt, Abram
Utt, John
Unknown owners
Voris, Abram
Vandeford, Joel
Winebrenner, John
Winebrenner, David
Winebrenner, Peter
Winebrenner, Andrew
Westfall, Henry
Warner, John
Whitridge, Joseph
Wells, Isaiah
Wilson, Daniel
Wines, M. S.
Willison, Franklin
Young, John


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