1870s Newspaper Clippings


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in the village of Albion
Mary Black
daughter of Owen and Elizabeth Black
Born in Richland County, Ohio, Feb. 14th, 1843,
aged 29 years, 8 months and 18 days.
discourse was delivered by Rev. Mr. Strick, of Chicago

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December 24, '72 in Jefferson twp.,
Miss Martha E. Black
daughter of Mr. F. A. Black
aged 30 years and 27 days

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December 31, '72, in Benton Township,
Josiah Prickett,
(father of F. Prickett, Esq., of Albion,)
aged about 73 years



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January 5th, '73, in the Hawpatch
Dr. Johnston Latta
aged 66 years
settled at Goshen in the year 1830
resting place in Eden Cemetery

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October 12, 1873, in Ligonier
a son to the wife of Wilson Knappenberger
October 10, 1873...in Kendallville
by Rev. J. E. Ervin
Mr. Jacob Ely to Miss Jennie Hill
October 7, 1873, in the Hawpatch
Emeline Poyser, wife of Geo. K. Poyser
aged 33 years, 8 months, and 10 days
funeral discourse...by Rev. Henderson

October 12, '73, at Kendallville
Katie, daughter of J. M. and Mary J. Teal, aged 4 years
interred in the Ligonier Cemetery

September 19th, '73, in Washington township,
Eliza Woods (late the widow Adair)
aged 67 years and 9 months
mother-in-law of Robert Lucky, and widow of Joseph Adair, deceased

October 8th, 1873...in Wolf Lake
George W. Matthews, aged 79 years and 9 days



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April 16, 1874, at the res. of Mr. Todd, in Wawaka, by Rev. Mr. Howe
Mr. William Collins to Miss Lizzie Buttermore

April 12, '74, by Elder Peter Winebrenner,
James M. Moore and Rhoda E. Huntman

April 18, '74...in York twp., by Cyrus Pollock, Esq.,
Charles Shearer and Mary L. Hubbard

April 21st, 1874, in Wolcottville, by Rev. C. H. Blanchard,
Mr. B. S. Ramsey and Miss Clara Pepple

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June 28, '74, by A. Banta, Esq.
John Vanderford of Albion to Miss Mattie Brunner, of Ligonier

June 28, '74, by A. Banta, Esq.,
John C. McCollough, of Albion, to Miss Elsey Dingman, of Ligonier

July 1st, 1874, by A. Banta, Esq.
James A. Tyler to Miss Lidia Dull, both of Perry township

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by Rev. Wm. Bonar, Dec. 3, 1874, on the train
Prof. Henry S. Bortner and Miss Nancy A. McKee

by Rev. G. W. Howe, at Ligonier, Nov. 26, 1874
Lewis Emmet to Miss Sarah Gump

by the same, at Wawaka,
Fern Dodge to Mary E. Niles



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Mr. Isaac Smith
Mr. Fred White
Dr. Knepper
Elder Thomas of Albion
Elder Groves of Ligonier

Isaac Smith was born in Shenandoah county, Virginia,
July 5th 1801,
at the time of his death 74 years, 7 months and 19 days of age
age of ten to Licking county, Ohio
wife called to depart this life July 9th 1871
Subsequently he married Mrs. Lucinda Holmes of Elkhart township



At the June session of the county commissioners in Albion there were 21 applications to sell intoxicating liquors in the county.

A drive well is being put down a the southeast corner of the courtyard to take the place of the old dug and open well that served its purpose many years.

The Commercial Hotel (The Freeman) is opened to the public. Geo. Cribbs a genial new proprietor.  It was built by Mr. Frank Bidwell when Albion was booming.

Frank Cook, dentist at Churubusco, visited his parents in Albion last week.

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July 23, 1877,
Annie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Inscho
aged 7 years, 11 months, and 8 days
Four days afterward little Olive, sister of Annie, was taken...
Her age was 2 years and 11 months.
funeral of Annie was attended by Rev. Z. Thomas
that of Olive by Rev. A. Worth of Albion
eldest daughter of Mr. Inscho is also afflicted with dyptheria

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In Wawaka..., August 5th, 1877
Mary Anna, daughter of G. W. and L. J. Mummert
aged two years and two months, less one day
D. P. Hartman

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Mrs. J. F. Kinsey
born in the year 1858
19 years, 8 months, and 15 days old
she has made her home in Hillsdale, Mich.



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Dr. W. H. Nimmon, of Wawaka died
aged about 60 years
native of Ohio
immigrated to Noble county...nearly 40 years ago
oldest medical practitioner in the county
Rochester to Augusta to Wolf Lake thence to Albion and finally to Wawaka



J. Denlar purchased the Israel Lantz property on West Main street, improving the same and with his family moved therein. Later D. L. Baughman purchased Denlar home, sold it and erected a new modern home thereon where Mr. and Mrs. B reside.

Weekly News

Thursday, December 25, 1879

Market Report

Wheat (red) 1.34
Wheat (white) 0.00
Clover Seed 5.00
Mtiothy 2.00
Hogs (alive) 0.30
Wool 0.35
Oats 0.33
Potatoes 0.35
Butter 0.10
Lard 0.05
Eggs 0.16
Tallow 0.05
Corn 0.32
Apples 0.25

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