1874 Illustrated Atlas Index of Noble County, Indiana

The 1874 Illustrated Atlas of Noble County, Indiana is in the Genealogy Room of the Noble County, Library in Albion, Indiana. The atlas contains sketches of many Noble County sites with the owners names.

You may order copies of the sketches and the plat map. To find your ancestor we need to know the township where they owned land in 1874.

If you find a name and would like more information copies are $2.00 a page, plus a SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelope).

Send to:

Noble County Genealogical Society
Attn: Judy Richter
P.O. Box 162
Albion, IN  46701

If you have any questions email Judy.

Abell, L. F.
Flint, Walling and Co.
Krueger, Hermen
Shaw, Thomas
Adair, H.A.
Foster, Samuel
Lash, J. J.
Schlotterback, Gibson
Baker, George Jr.
Franks, Reason
Ligonier Plow Works
Swank, George
Black, F. A.
Gaby, Timothy
Lohman, G. H.
Stump, Henry
Black, O. P.
Gerber, Tresh, &Kreichbaum
Myers, Ephraim
Standard Office
Bliss, William
German Lutheran Church
Miller, & Duerr
Stoll, J. B.
Bowen, M. M.
Graham, H. T.
Moyers Dental Rooms
Tayler, Robert
Bradley, Mrs. A.
Grever, W. H.
Mitchell's Block
Tibbol, Isaac
Brillhart, S. B.
Groh, Bill
Miller's Block
Thompson, Lyman
Brothwell, G. T.
Harvey, George
Mitchell John
VanGordon, A. A.
Broughton, William
Hitchcock, L. F.
Noftz's Tonsorial Bazaar
Vanakin, S. P.
Brust & Boyer
Hitchcock, William
Noble County Infirmary
Warner, H. H.
Catholic Church Avilla
Holsinger, John
Pancake, Isaac
Whitford, A. D.
Catholic Church Kendallville
Holsinger, William
Reed, L. M.
Whitford, William
Court House
Humphreys, A.
Reed & Hill
Waltman, Henry
Cramer, E.
Huston, William
Reyher, Y.
Warner, Cordon
Curry, W. F.
Iddings, Hiram
Rome City and Lake
Weatherford, J. D.
Darrow, Josiah
Isbell, P. C.
Rose, William
Wible, John
Deibele, John
Jones, Elias Dr.
Roberts, Hiram
Williams, W. C.
Devenbaugh, S.
Keehn, George
Roberts, N.
Willits Bros. Co.
Dodge, M. M.
Kimmell, M. H.
Randolph Bros.
Wolff, Phillip
Drake, Nelson
Knepper, John F.
Spencer, E. B.
Zimmerman, Mary
Ellis & Mummert
Knepper, William
Singrey & Eby
Zimmerman, Nathan
Engel & Co.
Knox, J. J.
Stanley, H. C.

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